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Located in the heart of Geelong, LP is a newly renovated, multi-story pub. LP boasts a cozy pool lounge, upstairs mezzanine, and a large beer garden that is laced with lush vines and good vibes. They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it... and our team at LP live by this rule. By embracing what came before, we preserve the best aspects of Geelong's oldest pub venue, whilst still pouring you the freshest drinks!

Whether you are having a couple drinks with some mates, or a big birthday bash, LP has you sorted across the spectrum!

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You heard right...

Pool is free everyday!

Whether you need a pause in-between drinks, or want to take a break from the crowd, our pool lounge has you sorted!

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We will be closed temporarily between 27th of June - 5th of September

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