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Volum Brewery

The site of LP was founded in 1848, and started operations as 'The Geelong Brewery'. Shortly after, Captain James Volum caught on to the success the venue created and purchased the property, establishing the Volum Brewery. The brewery continued to operate for a century, quenching the thirsts of Victorians with some of the most significant brews in the beer-world.



Akin to Captain Volum, home-brewing enthusiast, Damien Nippard, couldn't pass on the opportunity to utilise the venue for brewing. Known at the time as 'Scottish Chiefs' (2005), Nippard would use the venue to brew and showcase beer for a new generation. This was primarily done through the 'What's Brewing' company, which would produce beers branded under the 'Scottish Chiefs' name, including a Scottish Chiefs Bitter, Strong Ale and Sparkling Lager


More recently, LP was the host to 'Waxyard'. With a freshly renovated beer garden, as well as a tighter focus on DJ's, Waxyard saw thousands flock to its doors for a boogie over the sunny summer period. Whether you came for a drink, or stayed for a boogie, Waxyard was undeniably THE outdoor venue of Geelong.

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